Plainsboro, NJ

Where to begin?

At the southern edge of Middlesex County, Plainsboro is well-situated for residents who want to be near the state’s technological, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research hub. The township is set-back from Rte. 1 and not far from the NJ Turnpike, providing its community great employment options and a quiet, safe locale for housing and recreation.

A population of about 25,000 lives on either side of Rte. 1, with the western edge of the town adjacent to Princeton and the eastern portion adjacent to West Windsor and Cranbury. The town is surrounded by farmland and is home to the 50-acre Audubon Plainsboro preserve. To the west, the Delaware and Raritan Canal offers passive outdoor activity.

Although just 12 square miles in area, Plainsboro is concentrated around a new state-of-the-art library and village center, with other neighborhoods that offer their own charm and amenities.

The Millstone River is popular with local fishermen and the trail along the river is busy year-round. Through careful planning, Plainsboro has managed to preserve 50 percent of its land as open space.

What We Love About Plainsboro

● Elsie the Cow, Bordens’ beloved mascot, is memorialized with a burial marker in the Walker-Gordon Farm neighborhood.
● The fictional “Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” made famous by the TV series House, is in reality the Penn Medicine hospital complex. Penn Medicine is part of a larger complex of rehab, physical therapy, adult and child day care and nursing home facilities.
● The first computer models to measure climate were developed for NOAA at the Plainsboro James Forrestal Campus of Princeton University.


The township’s website notes Plainsboro is recognized by New Jersey Monthly magazine as one of the top 10 “Best Places to Live” in New Jersey. This honor is no doubt based on the many opportunities for growth, learning and just plain fun in Plainsboro.

The Plainsboro Public Library offers online tutoring, ESL, book clubs and activities for all ages. Another great way to know your neighbor is to volunteer with one of the organizations in town, including seasonal events, environmental programs and Plainsboro’s own Shadow Buddies, a program to assist special needs children and young adults at hands-on activities and special events.

Plainsboro and nearby West Windsor run the local cheerleading, soccer and football programs. Plainsboro teams up with Cranbury to offer Little League and T-ball. History buffs will be happy to note that the Wicoff House Museum is open for exhibits and research, and welcomes volunteers, including junior historians.