Cranbury, NJ

Where to begin?

Three hundred plus years of history encompass the vibrant township of Cranbury. Cranbury’s heart, Main Street, was an integral part of the stage coach line that connected colonial New
York and Philadelphia and saw its share of unusual and historic events leading up to the American Revolution and beyond.

At just 13.4 square miles and with just over 3,000 residents, the community atmosphere couldn’t be stronger. Beautifully maintained 19th century homes line Main Street, along with businesses that bring residents together. Considered the best preserved 19th century village in Middlesex County, NJ, Cranbury prides itself on its preservation efforts, while also taking care to welcome residents of all ages and incomes to enjoy the village through a variety of housing options.

Fun Facts About Cranbury

● General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette spent crucial hours in Cranbury planning the 1778 Battle of Monmouth.
● Aaron Burr is said to have taken refuge in Cranbury as he escaped capture after his infamous duel with Alexander Hamilton.
● Some of the most elegant homes on Main Street were built by the Silvers brothers, who made their fortune operating a spice and tea mill, also located along Main Street.
● There has been a Cranbury Inn on Main Street since the mid-1700s. The inn has been used as a film location as have other sites in town for the movies IQ and Anger Management.


On any given day, you’ll see residents and visitors strolling along Main Street, especially near Brainerd Lake in the heart of town. Outdoor dining at several restaurants brings the small town ambience outdoors. The Princeton Ballet School | American Repertory Ballet offers classes in a converted body shop that until the 1990s serviced Rolls Royce vehicles.

First Fridays bring the town together to enjoy movies and music. The Recreation Department provides yoga and tai chi, in addition to winter league basketball and other sports. When winter is at its worst, Brainerd Lake is filled with skaters, thanks to families offering equipment swaps as kids outgrow last years’ skates.

A new library opened in late 2022, just across from the school and town hall parking lot. Patrons can enjoy the building, designed to honor Cranbury’s agricultural history, while also taking in charming farm scenes and sunsets. The library hosts programs for adults and children including STEM programs for kids and craft and book clubs for adults. The library also holds the Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society’s archive. The Society’s 1840s museum and
history center are open to the public weekly.

Cranbury has been described as a town where “everyone is involved” in some aspect of volunteering and preserving a gentle way of life.